Jack wearing his make-up during his shift at the Burlesque theater bar.

ack Miller is played by Cam Gigandet. He is the lover of Alice Marilyn "Ali" Rose. He writes music for fun at his apartment, but has not produced any finished work yet. He is one of the bartenders at the Burlesque theater. While on his shift, he is required to wear make-up. Tess says it makes him look manly. Ali mistakes him for being gay though, because he wears make-up. She later finds out he is not gay at all when he sleeps with her. He broke up over the phone with his fiance because he wanted to be with Ali. Natalie, his fiance, later storms into his apartment after taking a plane from New York City because she says she is not the type of woman to be broken up with over the phone. Ali does not like the fact that Jack lied to her about ending his relationship permanently with Natalie, so she leaves his apartment. Jack finds Ali at her dressing booth backstage at Burlesque theater. He tells her he never should have let her leave through the front door; they kiss and he tells her he finished a song. She asks to hear it and he says no, because he wants her to sing it for him. The song that Ali sings is named "Show Me How You Burlesque".

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