Nikki is played
2010 burlesque 014

Kristen Bell as Nikki.

by Kristen Bell. Nikki is disliked by most members of the Burlesque theater showgirls. She is also an alcholic. She is late to many practices and performances. She dislikes Ali because she takes over as the showgirls' leader. During Ali's first performance, Nikki unplugs the music to the show. This plan backfires on Nikki because Ali begins to sing and dance without aid. When Tess fires her for being drunk and late, Nikki gets mad and tells Tess she slept with Vince on the night after his and Tess's honeymoon. Angry, Tess smashes the front right window of Nikki's convertable. Later Nikki confesses to Tess that she lied about sleeping with Vince; she just wanted to get Tess mad. Tess forgives her and gives her her job back.

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