Tess is the ow
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Cher as Tess.

ner of the Burlesque theater. Singer Cher plays Tess. She does not like Ali at first, but later comes to realize Ali is a younger version of herself. Her theater is about to be sold from under her, but Ali helps her out by telling her about Air Rights. Tess and Ali go to the owner of a hotel across the street who tried to buy out Tess a few years ago. Tess tells him Marcus's plan to build a 20-story hotel across the street which would cut off his 10-story hotel's views of the ocean. He gives Tess $500,000 for her help, which is enough to pay off her ex-husband who owned half of the theater. While helping Ali with her make-up, Ali tells her that her mother died when she was 7 so she never was taught how to put on make-up correctly.

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